lørdag 19. mai 2012

Finally Married

Hi everybody

just had to make a little post 

*sorry I don´t have any weddingphoto´s yet*

Day 1 we arrive in Paris, France 

Day 2 we have to get married at the Ambassey in Paris

Then we window-shop a bit at Champs-Elysees

My husband <3 

Day 3 we woke up at Chateau Hattonchatel - sooo romantic

Day 3 we travelled to Metz - mmmh chocolate 

After eating chocolate and then some,
 we went to Nancy in France - stayed at the Grand Hotel !!!!! 
just look here:

Day 4
Our wedding
*picture´s will come*

A BIG ROCK on my finger *lovelovelove it*

Day 5, Back in Paris:

Hotel Littre:

Eiffeltower after dark

Day 6:
Shopping in Paris

sunny day .. and a brand new picture of me :)

A brand new Tissot watch for me <3 

...and another one of me :)

Then at happyhour - we both got some treats :) hehe mmmh

 My fab husband - sooooo happy with a ring on his finger :)

Love you with all my heart <3 

last day, day 7:
We visited Louvre (museeum) in Paris

and this is the closest I got to see the Mona Lisa 
(a bit small I must say)

Had the best week of my life, enjoyed it with my husband, and a party of 4 friends: Linda, Ingrid, Jannicke and Rune <3  thank you all for making my day perfect in every way! 

Lot´s of love from me


10 kommentarer:

Véronique V sa...

Gratulerer så masse :)

maritj1s sa...


Anne sa...

Så flotte bilder! Gratulerer så mye igjen, gleder meg til bryllupsbilder, altså ;-)

Julie sa...

Fabulous photos Anja - and big congratulations on your marriage! It all looks and sounds just wonderful! Juliexx

catherine sa...

Wow, what a special time you are having and the photos are fantastic. All the best to you and your husband as you start out on your married life together
x catherine

aina sa...

Gratulerer så masse, bryllup er bare så fantastisk!! Masse gode ønsker sendes dere :-))
Håper du får en flott søndag :-))

Rita sa...

Gartulerer så mye som nygift! Fantastisk, ikke sant? :) Klem Rita

Rita sa...

Gartulerer så mye som nygift! Fantastisk, ikke sant? :) Klem Rita

Kjersti sa...

Gratulerer som nygifte!
Må ha vært litt av en drømmetur:)
klem fra Kjersti:)

Elise`s Bergen sa...

Mange gratulasjona ! :)