onsdag 22. september 2010

Make your own flower - Tutorial

Hi everyone
I promised I would return with this flowertutorial 

- and here it is:

I got sooo inspired seeing this tut, just had to try and make my own flowers
- I've also used my ProMarkes
stamped my flowers 
then ready to colour them
ButterCup + Gold + Bright Orange
Buttercup is the base, then I've used Gold into the middle of the flower and at last Bright Orange in the center.
(the Buttercup-colour lightens up after it's dry...as you can see)
then I cut of theese parts, and curled them so they all would fit in the center of each other
As you see, I had to use some glue, as well as Glossy Accent + a pin in the center
- And you need to let them dry over night -
(at least mine had to)
the finished flowers
And my finished card :)

- Hope you enjoyd this tutorial
Let me know when you have done your flowers
would love to see the result!