mandag 6. desember 2010

Diaper fold card and tutorial

Hi everyone,

Just had to make myself a Diaper fold card :)
visiting Maya's blog yesterday, I simply fell in love with her beautiful card!

here's my Christmas Diaper fold card:
Looking a lot like something from Indiska 
(the colours and ribbons that is, hehe) 

And since I took picture's during, I desided to make a tut' for you

Here's my Tutorial for this card:

My diaper card is made by a full 12 by 12 inch piece of doubelsided patterned paper.

Fold the piece of paper so that two corners meet.
Use a bone folder (like you see under) to make a "clean edge"
Then fold the paper
the measure from the top to the fold is now 4 1/2 inches
Do the same on the other side
The most important thing is to have the same measurement on both sides
the take the "top flip" down and over the folded papers
like this
here you can see it sideways - room for more than just a card
Ready for some more?!
 the backside
 Here My card is decorated
the backside - again - now with my personal stamp
Made an card for the inside as well
 The backside of the innercard 

Merry Christmas - hope you liked my tutorial